Get Your Risk Score

Avoiding losses is just as important as targeting return.

Riskalyze empowers investors by pinpointing how much risk is wanted or needed to meet objectives.

At Wealth Strategies we strive to build a portfolio that contains just the right amount of risk.

Riskalyze was founded on the belief that an investor's risk can be quantified into a single number.  The system uses leading scientific theory to objectively pinpoint an investor’s Risk Number. The number is then used to create portfolios that align with your risk tolerance.

Better-Informed Clients

According to Riskalyze, "setting portfolio return expectations using risk (rather than average return) leads to better-informed and happier clients".  We couldn't agree more. 

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Investing is personal.  Each investor has unique goals, objectives, and risk tolerances. And things change.  Our clients can update their risk number as needed.